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Family Law

Our New Jersey family law attorneys are available to assist with family-related legal issues, ranging from child support payments to property division upon divorce.

Family law encompasses a number of family-related legal issues, including marriage, child custody, adoption and divorce. Whether you are a parent, spouse or unmarried couple, our New Jersey family law attorneys can provide answers to your most complex family law questions and ensure your legal rights are protected in each matter. To speak with a New Jersey family lawyer from our firm today, fill out our free case review form.

Types of Family Law Cases

Family law is a broad practice area that deals with family-related issues and domestic relations. Our New Jersey family law attorneys are experienced in various sectors of this practice area, including the following:

Marriage: While marriage is a joyous occasion, there are also legal issues that must be handled when two individuals decide to wed. Our New Jersey marriage attorneys handle a variety of marital law issues, including pre-nuptial agreements, marriage license requirements and the financial benefits of marriage.

Divorce: When a marriage ends in divorce, both parties are encouraged to contact a divorce attorney who can help simplify the process. At our firm, our New Jersey divorce lawyers can advise you on your legal rights in regard to property issues, child custody, alimony and visitation. Because a divorce is often an emotional process, our New Jersey divorce attorneys will handle your case with compassion and ensure the divorce proceedings run as smoothly as possible.

Child Custody and Support: Child custody and child support cases typically involve a number of issues, including visitation rights, child support enforcement, and the assignment of a primary caretaker. Whether you are a divorced or unmarried parent, our New Jersey child custody lawyers are available to advise you on your rights in regard to these matters to help ensure your child is getting the care he or she deserves.

Do you have a marriage, divorce, child custody or other family law issue? Contact our New Jersey family law attorneys today for a no cost legal consultation.